Seven Teachings

Released in 2014 & 2015 by Portage & Main Press
Mentioned in the SOLS First Nations Communities READ Recommended Titles, Selected for CCBC’s Best Books for Kids & Teens

Katherena Vermette’s The Seven Teachings Stories are joyous, vivid, and have an irresistible cadence. But the stories have something more. Rich in culture and traditional knowledge, Katherena’s series addresses important topics—such as the residential school system — with the very teachings the series embodies: love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, and truth.

~ David Alexander Robertson, author of Betty

The books are not only beautifully illustrated and engaging; they provide the children and families valuable cultural lessons making it easy for me to share the indigenous traditional world views contained in my classes. I have been using the books several times a week right from receiving them, during the 2014 holiday season. I have plans to invest in another set so I can provide borrowing opportunities to my families as well as use them as door prize gifts at special events. One unique feature I truly enjoy is the books share the Anishinabemowin language, helping to spark greater use of the language. Many times I find myself teaching a bit more Ojibwe than the day’s lesson plan as teachable moments present themselves often when I am reading these books. I recommend these early readers to almost anyone as they are precious in so many facets both at home and in the schools.

~ Ko’ona Cochrane, Anishnaabekwe Cultural Teacher

Designed to help teachers in early years classrooms use The Seven Teachings Stories series, by Katherena Vermette, this guide provides the framework and key ideas educators need to become participants in a culturally responsive classroom community and to deepen their understanding of the Seven Teachings. With these stories, educators can create a space to discuss diverse perspectives, experiences, and traditions with young readers, and to foster a deeper understanding of ourselves as human beings and of our relationships with others.